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From now on also apartments on offer

Temporary accommodation - Apartment in the house Vis-à-vis!

Are you looking for a room, apartment or a small apartment for yourself or a member of your company? Then they decide to

Temporary accommodation - Apartment in the house Vis-à-vis!
The clever alternative between hotel and rental housing.

No expensive apartment search, expensive and time-consuming furniture purchases, no annoying charges or registration with municipalities. Energy suppliers or broadcasters.

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We are now Quality Host Walking in Germany

The accommodation establishments in Waldfischbach-Burgalben continue to rely on quality.

The best example is the Three-Star-Hotel "Zum Schwan"

The Three-Star-Hotel "Zum Schwan" in Waldfischbach-Burgalben was named Quality Host Walking in Germany in August 2011. Visible the award for walkers is now already at the entrance of the three-star hotel. The label with the distinctive curved "W" is already at first glance that walkers are welcome. The location of the house in the Pfälzerwald Nature Park, near the Predicate Trail Pfälzerwald Path was as a plus in the certification process, which was conducted by the German Hiking Association in cooperation with the Southwest Pfälzerwald Tourism and the Tourist Information Waldfischbach-Burgalben, such as the ability to stop or offering regional specialties and the many sources of information on weather, hiking destinations and routes. Other conditions, such as short-term booking a place to stay for just one night are of course for the Three-Star-Hotel "Zum Schwan". Similarly, the possibility to dry clothes and shoes or provide a traveling pharmacy for minor injuries.

The award was given by the Association Mayor Winfried Krämer and the Managing Director of Südwestpfalz Tourist, Mr. Martin Hartwig together with the head of the Tourist Information Waldfischbach-Burgalben, Mrs. Andrea Lieb.

Cooking on the HAGEHA at 04. October 2008

Winfried Krämer (Association Mayor of Waldfischbach-Burgalben) with Gabi Ullrich-Stöbener (Three-Star-Hotel-Restaurant "Zum Schwan") in Waldfischbach-Burgalben.

With fresh seasonal produce cheap and good cook.

We want to prepare a delicious three-course meal that can cook anybody without much difficulty at home, such as when guests are expected. If you want to enjoy more complicated menus with elaborate ingredients, go to one of the excellent hospitable homes throughout the county and check the innkeeper of their confidence dine.

For to cook at home should be tasty, but also easy to prepare the menu offered. One or the other wow factor, coupled with the highest possible praise of our guests, we want to naturally reap also. The costs we want to keep in mind and therefore primarily work with fresh, seasonal ingredients, because then the food should be not only cheap, they are fresh and full of valuable vitamins.

Our autumnal menu:
  • Greeting from the kitchen prune wrapped in bacon
  • Onion soup of three onions under puff pastry crust
Main course
  • stuffed flounder in Dijon mustard on a bed of leeks
  • served with potato-celery puree with chestnut crumbs
  • poached Williams-Christ-Pear with Cinnamon bonnet and Candied Walnuts